Twenty First International Conference on Hydrodynamics in Ship Design and Operation, 28-29 June 2017

The Conference is intended to provide a forum for scientific paper presentation and professional discussion on development and application of latest achievements in experimental, theoretical and computational hydrodynamics in design and operation of ships and other marine vehicles or structures.

Organised by Ship Design and Research Centre S.A. (CTO S.A.) in co-operation with:
- Gdańsk University of Technology,
- Wrocław University of Technology,
- The Foundation for Safety of Navigation and Environment Protection,
- Maritime Academy in Gdynia,
- Maritime Academy in Szczecin.

Conference main topics:

  • Ship resistance
  • Marine propellers and propulsion
  • Steering devices and maneuverability
  • Stability, seakeeping and safety of navigation
  • Hydrodynamics and aerodynamics in offshore technology
  • Interaction with environment
  • Other ship design issues


Extended Topics:
- Open or ducted propellers
Podded propellers and thrustersWater-jets
- Unconventional propulsors (CRP, stator/rotor, surface piercing propellers, tip loaded, rim driven,...)
- Energy saving devices and methods in ship hydromechanics
- Ocean current or tidal turbines
- Propeller/hull/rudder interaction
- Propeller design
- Modeling of cavitation
- Noise and vibration
- Propeller and rudder cavitation and erosion
- Numerical methods in propulsion (VLM, BEM, RANS, Hybrid, LES, DES, DNS)
- Experimental techniques
- Full-scale measurements
- Propulsion at off-design and crash-back conditions
- Dynamic positioning
- Propulsor-ice interaction
- Propulsion in seaways
- Shallow water
- Numerical methods in ship design

Venue: Ośrodek Kultury Morskiej, Tokarska 21-25, Gdańsk, Poland

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Dr. Leszek Wilczyński -Chairman,
  • Dr. Tomasz Bugalski - Scientific Secretary,
  • Przemysław Król - Member,
  • Katarzyna Wasiniewska -Krupa - Member.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Important dates:

- Abstract submission (in English, max 300 words): April 28th, 2017
- Delivery of final paper: June 5th, 2017 NEW DATE!
Acceptance of final paper sent before May 23rd, 2017: June 5th, 2017 NEW DATE!
- Acceptance of final paper sent after May 23rd, 2017:: June 12th, 2017 NEW DATE!
- Registration deadline: June 5th, 2017 NEW DATE!
Payment of registration fee: June 20th, 20177

Registration fee:

- 250 € for 1 person (for Polish participants: 1000 PLN).
- Bank account for €: PL 03 1240 1268 1978 0010 4069 0101
- Bank account for PLN: 93 1240 2920 1111 0000 4498 7651
- The fee can be paid by bank transfer only.
- Please annotate the transfer with the name of participant and conference Hydronav 2017.
- Registration fee includes the attendance at conference sessions, conference book with proceedings and conference dinner.

Final paper titles:

1. Karczewski A. Kozak J. "Verification of selected approximate methods of prediction of inland’s hull resistance"

2. Kobyliński L. "New generation stability norms – How to approach the task"

3. Krężelewski M. "Transverse stability of a hydrofoil running near free surface"

4. Kulczyk J. "Methods of determination of frictional (viscous) resistance for prediction of total resistance of an inland waterway vessels"

5. Luecke T. "EFD and CFD investigations of propeller-hull interaction on NAWIGATOR XXI"

6. Narewski J. "Software developed by Polish Register of Shipping for preparing complex computation models employed to verify structure compliance with PRS Rules"

7. Niklas K. "Application of advanced CFD simulations in seakeeping analysis of ships (case study)"

8. Reichel M. "Longitudinal motion due to action of tunnel thrusters"

9. Szozda Z. Kamińska D. "Calculation of the heeling moment generated on a ship’s hull during turn manoeuvre based on the measurement of the angle of heel in a function of time"

10. Tabaczek T. Zawiślak M. "Hull resistance of an inland waterway vessel in model scale and in full scale"

11. Żywicki J. "Design of structure of Floating  Platform for 6 MW offshore wind turbine based on FEM analysis"

12. Szantyr J. Jubilee lecture: "Tribute to the memory of Tadeusz Koronowicz"

13. Król P. "Application of vortex flow model in propeller - stator system design and analysis”

14. Felicjancik J. "Using numerical simulations to improve prediction of hydroacoustic noise emission”

15. Drzewiecki M. "The propagation of waves in the CTO S.A. towing tank"

16. Pastwa K. "Computational model for the coupled dynamic analysis of the offshore wind turbine operation”

17. Wilczyński L. "Recent changes in the ITTC recommended procedures and guidelines regarding ship model testing and ship performance prediction"

18. Ciba E., Dymarski P. "Selected issues in designing Tension Leg Platforms for offshore wind turbines. CFD modeling of the platform behavior on a wave during extreme storms"

19. Weryk M. "Trial tests on research vessel NAWIGATOR XXI"

20. Efremov D. Milanov E. "Investigation of twin-rudder load asymmetric behaviour by free-running model tests"

21. Burciu Z. Abramowicz-Gerik T. "Technological solutions applied on inland waterway vessels adapted for navigation in NATURA 2000 areas"

22. Binh Le Than "EFD and CFD investigation of shallow water resistance on DTMB"

23. Abramowicz-Gerik T. Burciu Z. "Methods for measuring the ship wake fields at the bottom of the waterways"

24.  Veić D. "Bottom fixed substructure analysis, model testing and design for harsh environment"

25. Dymarski P. Ciba E. "Design of a cell-spar platform for a 6 MW wind turbine. Parametric. Analysis of the mooring system"

26. Bąk A. "R/V NAWIGATOR XXI - the experiences of the ship owner"

27. Bugalski T. "Model scale experimental tests results"

28. Wawrzusiszyn M.  "CFD about NAWIGATOR XXI"


Additional information:

The local organizing committee is in talks with publisher of Polish Maritime Research on the possibility of publication in expedited procedure the selected HYDRONAV 2017 presentations.

The following instructions will help you with the preparation of your final paper: download